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Far and Away: Living Remotely with Bill Cowie, Caretaker of the Isle of Rona

So many of us dream of escaping to some remote, beautiful land where we can find some refuge from the chaos of modern life, either for a short time or on a more permanent basis.

We are drawn by the romance of the great outdoors, exploring where few of our own kind have set foot, and learning to live in tandem with the natural world, but are we brave enough to actually do it?

Join us as we chat with Bill Cowie, caretaker of the remote isle of Rona in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Twenty two years ago, he assumed the challenge of living and working on this distant outcrop of rock in the sea, and has loved almost every minute of it.

His interview can be found at 6:03. To dive a little deeper into the Isle of Rona itself, you can go to the website.


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