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Freedom of the Press: In Pursuit of Truth with Author Katharine Gregorio

Trigger alert: The following content includes discussion of murder, abduction, assault, suicide and intimidation. If you are the victim of violence or harrassment, please reach out for counselling and support.

The free press is under attack, and it is not just the usual suspects behind the assault. The powerful and corrupt have always sought control over the message. They seek to repress, undermine, or obscure the truth in order to solidify their postition of power.

Journalists are subjected to relentless harrassment, on and offline, intimidation, abduction, torture and even murder, most often in retaliation for reporting on anti-corruption, cartel and gang activities, and even environmental transgressions. Tellingly, there has been a sharp increase in the number of journalists killed worldwide over the past several years. The press is being silenced.

Katharine Gregorio, author of “The Double Life of Katharine Clark: The Untold Story of the Fearless Journalist who Risked Her Life for Truth and Justice”, shares her thoughts on the challenges to journalistic freedom, then and now, as learned in the chronicling of the life of her own exceptional ancestor.

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