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Hero: Inspiring Insights with Father Bruno of Ecole St Barthélemy, Haiti

We always need another hero, contrary to what the late and great Tina Turner may have sang.


Heroes inspire us all to be better, to act with courage and to raise up and rescue the vulnerable, even when the odds of success are unfathomable.


Our guest is a real world hero. Father Bruno, Episcopal priest, born into the impoverished conditions afforded to most in Port-au-Prince Haiti, had a dream - to illuminate the lives of children through the light of education. This he has achieved and more, impacting the lives of thousands of children and their families.


Producing this episode was uplifting. The stories shared within reconfirm that there is so much good in this world. We need to celebrate our heroes, big and small. Only then can we find the hero that lies dormant within our own selves.

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