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Indigenous: Beaver, Buffalo and a Beautiful Idea with Joe Urie, Jasper Tour Company

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

According to the United Nations, there are approximately 476 million Indigenous people around the world representing 5,000 communities in 90 countries and speak 4,000 languages.

A common but dark thread links these peoples. The Indigenous people are the stewards of the land, the sea and all who dwell within and upon it. Their teachings, carried carefully from generation to generation, have demonstrated miraculous resilience to the oppressive, violent subjugation and betrayal by settlers.

It would be to the benefit of all if their vast knowledge, embedded in song, stories and the strident voices of the youth, would be heeded today.

Join us tomorrow as Joe Urie, Métis guide and co-owner of Jasper Tour Company shares A Beautiful Idea, a co-existence born from respect, rights and truth for the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the world beyond.

In the words of Art Solomon, an Anishinaabe elder, "The imperative for us now, as Native people, is to heal our communities, and heal our nations, because we are the final teachers in this sacred land."

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