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It's a Miracle: The Marvel of Life with Kevin Hines, Speaker, Author and Inspiration

Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussion of suicide, suicidal ideation, depression and drug addiction.

Even the hardest, most cynical of skeptics would likely welcome a miracle in their own lives.

These life-changing events have been documented since the dawn of time, from spontaneous healing of terminal illnesses or dramatic disability to the tears of a plastic Elvis in the Netherlands.

Miracles are difficult to comprehend, but easy to embrace, as they provide us with hope in our darkest days.

Kevin Hines, a survivor and beneficiary of a miracle, speaks with us about the incredible and tragic day he decided to end his life, and the miraculous events that have followed.

If you are in need of a little light as we head into a new year, we've got you with this episode.


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