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Resilient: Finding Meaning with Shanika Malcolm, Wellness Coach& Winner of Naked and Afraid

Resilience is a super skill.

It allows us to weather the storms of life, to persevere and bounce back, even in the face of the greatest adversity.

Why do some of us appear to be more resilient than others? Can we strengthen and develop our own resilience?

Join us we explore with Shanika Malcolm her own ability to persevere and remain positive on the 21 days television challenge, Naked and Afraid.


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“Nick Vujicic”

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“The Three Types of Resilience”


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“Building Resilience and Self-Esteem: A Powerful Combination”

“Resilience: Build skills to endure hardship”

“What Is Resilience? Your Guide to Facing Life’s Challenges, Adversities, and Crises”

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